Derek Southworth

Derek Southworth has nearly 20 years experience in the music industry and continues to remain an active nightclub and festival DJ in the local and national music scene. This means not only does he have an expansive collection of older music, but has all of the most recent music. Additionally, we use state of the art technology that enables us to play ANY SONG EVER RELEASED ONLINE in real time to fulfill ANY request. You’re not gonna have an old man showing up playing Jimmy Buffet here!

We use a nightclub quality sound system, up-to-date professional DJ set up, wireless microphones, compact powerful LED lighting and a professional fog machine if requested. Don’t fall for “budget DJs” that will show up with a couple of mismatched speakers and two iPods on a Radioshack system.

All DJ Packages Include:

• A professionally dressed entertainer that will act as Master of Ceremonies that will make all of the announcements, maintain a steady flow of your event, coordinate all of the special events, and get everyone out on the dance floor!!!

• High definition nightclub quality sound system with wireless microphones.

• A fully digital system allowing us to play ANY song ever released in real-time. (all radio edited “clean” tracks)

• Consultations to meet and plan your music and events.

• Optional club style dance floor lighting and fog machines available (at no extra charge)